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Carbonated beverage triple unit

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Carbonated Drink Filling Machine
product name:Carbonated Drink Filling Machine
Category:Carbonated beverage triple unit
Updated:2016/1/7 16:47:41


Plastic bottles pressure triple filling machine
This series of equipment is mainly used in soft drinks, cola, sparkling wine and other carbonated beverage washing, filling and capping. Reasonable structure, safe handling, easy maintenance. Transform bottle body without adjustment device, just replace contact with the bottle, the bottle curved guide plate, dial and other components. All material contact parts are made of high quality food grade stainless steel, no process dead angle, easy to clean.
First, the device consisting of
The machine is divided into five main sections:
 rinser
 Filling Machine
 Capping Machine
 table and transmission
 pipelines
All major parts are made of a cup-shaped support legs.
Second, the technical characteristics
1, The machine adopts hanging type conveying bottle structure, so that the whole line run more reliable. Different bottles simply adjust the height and a few bottles conveyor accessories, out of the bottle conveyor height adjustment is not required for this and the replacement bottle shaped more efficient, labor-saving.
2, the use of spring-loaded clamp washing hands, bottles with automatic track 180 degrees for bottle rinsing, washing machine vents using this plum-shaped porous bottom flushing for each angle sufficiently high flushing efficiency.
3, high-precision mechanical filling valve, filling fast, high-level precision, using the principle of the guide rod, the valve cover with a pre-function, so that out of the bottle more stable and reliable. No bottle no filling, filling explosion when gassing cylinders will automatically shut down and other functions. Having CIP situ cleaning function.
4, filling machine bottle lifting cylinder holder, giant slalom bearing support structure, enabling the machine to run more smoothly.
5, this machine uses magnetic torque hijab, to achieve grasping cap, screw cap function, screw cap torque stepless adjustable constant torque twist cap, and does not cover injury, tight and reliable sealing.
6, rotary cap sorting uses pneumatic management cover, with no damage to the surface of the cover, lack of cover send signals inside the hopper, automatic control cover up the cover, and other functions.
7, the machine uses centralized lubrication system, the equipment maintenance, maintenance more convenient.
8, the machine uses advanced man-machine interface, PLC control, frequency stepless speed regulation and other automatic control technology, with cylinder liquid level automatic control, no bottle no open valves are not covered, wait no bottle cap chute lack of cover shut-down.
9, with water contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, the main electrical, pneumatic components are imported.
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