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Water Treatment Equipment

Mountain spring water equipment04

Mountain spring water equipment04
product name:Mountain spring water equipment04
Category:Water Treatment Equipment
Updated:2016/1/7 15:41:37


Spring water treatment Product Description


The new US source mountain spring water treatment facilities including multi-media filters, activated carbon filter, precision filter, reverse osmosis equipment (mountain spring water equipment host), ultraviolet disinfection and ozone generator and sanitary water tank.

1, the original water tank
The original water tank, the new US source mountain spring water equipment system made of SUS304 material, the original source of the new US tank cushion and regulation of water, and its purpose is to prevent water pressure fluctuations in the system is running mountain spring water equipment, ensure the security and stability of the raw water pump run, the new US source mountain spring water equipment water tank by the level control signal for display, alarm and chain. The new US source mountain spring water level in the use of equipment for raw water pump interlock.

2, multi-media filter
US new source of spring water treatment system design, multi-media filters, filled with high-quality refined quartz sand, anthracite, top-down cascade particle size distribution, the use of deep filtration principle, increase the ability to filter layer interception, mountain spring water production equipment water capacity, impurity penetration depth, the new US source mountain spring water filtration equipment to improve the speed of the premise of ensuring water quality, multi-media filter is to remove suspended solids, colloids, organics, so that the subsequent water production reached mountain spring water equipment water requirements. Meanwhile, anthracite filter media can loose deposition of pollutants, preventing the media compaction.

3, activated carbon filters
The new US source mountain spring water equipment system design, activated carbon filters, filter selection for the shell activated carbon, quartz sand, activated carbon is placed in the upper part of the filter layer, the lower part of a multi-graded quartz sand, so it can give full play to the entire mountain spring water equipment filter layer efficiency, increase the interception capacity. The main role of activated carbon filter adsorption of residual chlorine and organic matter. Surface concentration of carbon particles in the surface layer of balance, then the organic matter impurities adsorbed into the activated carbon particles, a high adsorption effect of the initial period. But over time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will be reduced to varying degrees, the adsorption effect is decreased. Therefore, the activated carbon should be regularly cleaned, regenerated or replaced.

4, precision filter
Ultrafilter new US source mountain spring water equipment system settings, the filter body material SS304. US new source filter element filtering accuracy of 1μm, further action is trapped in pipes and tanks particles into the reverse osmosis system.

5, reverse osmosis systems
The new US source mountain spring water ultrafiltration device uses advanced filtering technology, in order to place the water colloids, suspended solids and organic molecules. The new US source ultrafiltration SDI can ensure long-term stability, high performance reliability, strong anti-pollution, water permeability big, small footprint, simple operation, excellent water quality and constant, long life and other advantages. Ultrafiltration is a membrane separation technology, the film is a porous asymmetric structure. Pressure differential across the membrane filtration process is driven, mechanical screening of a solution based on the principle of the separation process, dissolved substances and materials smaller than the pore size will be able to permeate through the membrane as a filter, not through the filter substance of the film is slowly concentrated discharge liquid. Thus produced water (permeated liquid) containing water, ions and small molecular weight substance, and colloidal substances, particles, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa are removed ultrafiltration.

6, the ozone sterilization system
The new US source mountain spring water equipment system settings ozone generator, for the preparation of disinfection with ozone; ozone sterilization method of lysozyme level, complete sterilization, no residue, sterilization broad spectrum, can kill bacteria and spores, viruses and fungi, and can destroy botulinum toxin.

7, ozone mixing tower
The new US source mountain spring water equipment system settings ozone mixing tower, so that there is sufficient mixing of ozone and water area and the mixing time, so that ozone can play the role of disinfection.

8, sanitary sterile water tanks
The new US source mountain spring water equipment system design sanitary sterile water tank, cushion and regulation of reverse osmosis water production, its purpose is to prevent the production of pressure fluctuations in the water of the production line is running, the new US source equipment mountain spring water from the solution tank control signal for display, alarm and chain, the use of pure water pump inside the tank level interlock. US sources mountain spring water tank new devices using SUS304, SUS316L stainless steel, stamping, polishing inside and outside, surrounded by tungsten arc welding. High-temperature corrosion-resistant, impervious earthquake, difficult to breed bacteria, never moss, easy installation, no maintenance, easy to clean, and many other advantages

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