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QHS automatic drink mixer

QHS automatic drink mixer
product name:QHS automatic drink mixer
Updated:2016/4/7 17:25:15


The main purpose and characteristics
QHS beverage mixer 1-20T / H, than the production of carbonated beverage mix (water, syrup, CO2 gas) carbonation and proportion, such as lemon, cola and other soft drinks, beverage production line equipment is the main equipment. (Especially in high-end beverage production of key equipment.)
1, the machine uses a jet addition of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Tim filling venturi injector, the injector can always maintain a constant flow rate, to ensure a constant flow state. Gas-liquid mass transfer area, small resistance loss, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure, and use of reliable performance, low noise multi-stage mixing pump, the start and stop by the finished product tank float level controller control, the machine performance is guaranteed.
2, the mixing ratio accurate, easy to adjust, the machine does not require replacement parts, you can easily adjust the ratio of output and syrup and water. Manual drinks water through water and thin syrup with scale ratio control valve into the mixing tank, because the pitcher, sugar bowl at the same height and the same pressure, for entering the mixing ratio of the mixing tank can be kept stable, and into the mixing former tank thoroughly mixed in a mixer, beverage mixing ratio can be guaranteed.
3, at the degassing tank, due to the action of the vacuum pump, so that mist sprayed into the off gas cylinder pressure of dissolved water pressure of the water surface is large, so that more than 90% of the dissolved oxygen in water is released.
4, The machine adopts plate heat exchanger for cooling, when the manual beverage water and thin syrup water brought by the scale ratio control valve into the mixing tank, the hybrid pump boost after entering the plate heat exchanger, the beverage water and thin water syrup mixed, while taking advantage of the inherent characteristics of plate heat exchanger, on the other side through the ice, so dilute syrup mixed with water and drink water at the same time, can reduce the temperature and increase the carbonation effect. Before entering the heat exchanger, it may be appropriate to add some CO2 gas, so that the sugar, water, gas and better mixing.
5, the machine can easily adjust the gas content, gas content of the beverage according to claim, through appropriate adjustments to complete the operation.
6, the machine settings to improve automatic control system with motor coordination, simple structure, continuous production, high degree of automation advantages.
7, the machine is equipped with in-situ cleaning process, reasonable structure, CIP cleaning can easily meet the requirements of the Food Sanitation Law.
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