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Automatic pure water treatment equipment, mainly running processes

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Pure water treatment equipment, mainly automatic process with a filter, five major steps softened water equipment, precision filter, reverse osmosis equipment, sterilization equipment and so on. Pure water treatment equipment used for drinking water treatment, along with the quality of life improved, healthy drinking water by the people concerned, the application of the device to effectively enhance the quality of drinking water.
 Automatic pure water treatment equipment, mainly running the process are: First, the water is discharged into the raw water tank precipitated by a high pressure pump raw water input within quartz sand filters, will filter out large particles of pollutants. Secondly enter activated carbon filters, the main role is adsorption of chlorine, odor, pigments. Re-entering the automatic water softening equipment, reduce raw water hardness, removal of calcium and magnesium ions. Note that when using the device in the use of the resin, when the resin is saturated to timely backwash, resume normal working condition, to avoid affecting the product water quality. The water softening filter through shrewd penetration, on the back of reverse osmosis equipment protection. By pretreatment, into the reverse osmosis system, which is fully automatic pure water treatment equipment in the most important aspect of the system can effectively trapping pollution molecules in water, heat, etc., the water is deep purification, disinfection Finally, depending on the circumstances device to ensure safe drinking water, and in line with national drinking water standards.
Automatic pure water treatment equipment performance and improve water governance significant effect, by a lot of users. The development of the equipment for the drinking water health escort.
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