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5gallons/3gallons barreled

Cap pulling machine

Cap pulling machine
product name:Cap pulling machine
Category:5gallons/3gallons barreled
Updated:2016/4/7 17:49:25


Bottled Water Equipment Product Description


   Five gallons of bottled water filling machine body by an automatic cap pulling machine, automatic loading machine bucket, wind send cover washing machine cover, inner punch disinfection of aircraft, rotary filling and capping machine. Auxiliary equipment delivery system, shrinking film machines, LED light inspection machine, pails bagging machines, automatic stacking machine.

1 cap pulling machine

Bottled Water Equipment cap pulling machine and conveyor systems used in conjunction, can be arranged to implement online bottled water production lines operating, bottled water equipment host PLC control; can be achieved without the cover does not pull, injury-free bucket mouth; whenever a barrel when plugging barrel, photoelectric will automatically send a signal to control host downtime bottled water equipment, self-starter and be Paidu after work automatically troubleshoot in seconds, represents a new source of US bottled water equipment appears on opening conveyor humane production; pulling device filled with water up to the cap rate ≥99.9%, bottled water equipment low consumption, low noise, low power consumption can be configured and pre-heating device statistics cover the number dialed.

    2 barrel body bucket bottom light inspection box

    Barrel body bucket bottom light inspection boxes of bottled water equipment, is designed to test whether the empty bucket in the dirt, to prevent access to the next process, bottled water equipment box bracket shell is made of imported aluminum plate and senior soft, beautiful appearance, easy operation, good detection effect, the new US source LED light source instead of the original white lamp, more reasonable and more beautiful.

3 rotary brush barrel machine

Bottled Water Equipment rotary brush barrel machine, with a new rotary-round scrubbing process. Five gallon bottle with the brush in contact and relative movement to achieve scrubbing effect. Bottled water equipment washable bottleneck, bottle, bottle and other parts, bottles in the machine complete revolution around the main shaft and its rotation, to achieve all-round brush (after brushing during rinse). Continuously into the bottle and the bottle can be arranged online to streamline the implementation of bottled water production operations. Four cylindrical brush actively rotatable cylindrical brush barrel role as both points, and brush and the center together to complete the outer barrel brushing, the new US source Bottled water equipment outside real guarantee better brushing effect . Whenever the bucket when blocking, slipping active force appears on the bunghole conveyor without stopping until the platoon to stop and then return to work on their own, reflecting the bottled water production equipment humane; bottled water equipment throughout the system for leaks, and no spill water, the source of all new US plexiglass viewing window installation.

4 barrel system

The new US source Bottled Water Equipment flip automatic cylinder barrel system, uniformly melting tub stopper, accurate positioning partition barrel; a barrel on the flap turned barrel steady and accurate, by the flip cylinder accurately into the washing machine drum bracket mounts, the new US source on bottled water equipment and barrels and barrels accurate flap no relative friction, thereby reducing wear and tear bottles; bottled water equipment has detected and without bucket control system; all new US source plexiglass viewing window installation.

5 send cover wind cover washing machine

Bottled water equipment automatic air-assisted lid compact construction, Bottled water equipment body made of stainless steel material, the use of bottled water equipment regularly mention the principle of cover, no cover automatic alarm. The new US-source wash cover slide design, so that the edges softer five gallons clever cover smoothly through the wash tank lid, cover washing medium is recycled water, sterile water, finished water, nozzle spacing 15cm, relying on bottled water equipment the pressure pushes the water through the whole bottle washing tank cover. The new US source using the flushing water pump pumps the South, with a reflux tank, wash the cover with water can be recycled. Bottled Water Equipment gland continuous gland, hanging lid smooth and accurate, stable and smooth, inverted bucket, high success rate, with a barrel of certain highly inclusive.

6 washing machine disinfection

The new US source of bottled water cleaning equipment Transmission precise positioning error alarm. Bottled water equipment cleaning process using PLC control, flushing head deep inside the barrel of the way, even spray, the effect is good, no dead ends; the barrel, the outer wall are with pressure water spray, extends into the inner rotary washing nozzle extending into barrel were 360 ​​° no dead water. The new US source of bottled water equipment with hot lye wash, high temperature pasteurization, disinfectant rinse, back rinse water, finished water wash, drip dry and other stations; easy to clean and drain the tank bottom of the loop. Bottled water tank device has a dosing bucket, the top heating step with a bucket-shaped suction device can quickly and effectively reduce the concentration of mist machine; hot lye box with double insulation design, automatic temperature control. Bottled water tank has a cleaning and disinfection of equipment manhole, to facilitate the operator inside the tank regularly cleaned and disinfected; wash tub washing machine in step with the relevant blowing means to blow off the bottom of the barrel five gallons of water, reduce channeling water. The new US-source bottled water equipment room has a curtain process, reduce channeling water situation; all new US source plexiglass viewing window installation.

7 pressure filling machine

The new US source pour bottled installed from the drive system, out of the bucket system, filling system and capping system components; bottled water equipment filling valve are each equipped with a reflux pipe, ensure the filling pressure is stable, thus ensuring smooth filling a variety of situations; new source of US bottled water equipment with frequency control devices and filling adjustment device, smooth filling, high speed, high precision filling, no leakage, low fluid loss; all new US source water contact with the product some of the parts (including the filling valve, etc.) used in all food-grade quality stainless steel mirror polished and no dead ends, and easy to clean; bottled water equipment filling valve without all dead, there BOP reflux device, equipment I have enclosed filling water recycling equipment; new source of US bottled water filling machine with fully sealed structure, the entire system for leaks, and no spills water all the plexiglass viewing window installation.

8 Electronic Control System

The new US source computer control system-wide, independent of the electronic control console. Bottled pour installed when failure sound and light alarm, the new US-source electronic control system bottled water equipment depending on the extent of selectively closed alarm equipment, the greatest degree of security. Bottled water source of the new US equipment to meet the requirements of unattended place, and set the local manual control buttons.

9 delivery system

Bottled water is composed of a series of conveyor equipment bearing component. Each of the bearing comprises a pin and a sleeve roller chain rotation thereon. Bottled water source of the new US equipment provided then sink to prevent dripping, keep the floor clean. The new US-source bottled water equipment running smoothly, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

10 shrink film machine

Bottled Water Equipment shrinking machine, steam shrinking machine temperature, for a variety of thermal film; shrinking machine with conveyor can be adjusted to match the line speed, but also can be adapted to different speeds, optimal thermal shrinkage effect , shrink machine is equipped with adjustable temperature control device, the new US-source bottled water equipment thermal uniformity, stable operation, low failure rate.

11 finished lamp check box

Bottled Water Equipment finished lamp check box, finished a good test in the presence or absence of water contamination, eliminate substandard water production factory, the new US source box bracket shell is made of imported aluminum plate and senior soft, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, detection effect , LED light source instead of the original white lamp, more reasonable and more beautiful.

12 bagging machine

The new US source Bottled Water Equipment straight continuous bagging, reduce man-made pollution. Effectively reducing the amount of manual work and improve efficiency.

13 automatic stacking machine

The new US-source stack independent research equipment, the use of self-gravity into the barrel slide, no standby power consumption. Built-in signal detection, automatic adjustment of the stacking velocity. Small footprint, low operating costs, one person can complete the operation.

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